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“Discover How to Transform Your Real Estate Investing Hobby Into a Six Figure Enterprise

by Day Trading Houses Nationally from

the Comfort of Your Home...

Copy The Exact PROVEN System That Has Consistently Produced $100,000+ Months"

“…Plus Gain the “Unfair Advantage” on ALL the Competition by

Applying the Secret “Triangle Effect”

Dear Friend,

The traditional wholesaling houses business model is NOT the same as it was and I believe it will never be the same again.  This 3-day event is designed to share the most up to date, cutting edge, specific BUSINESS MODEL that will allow you to CRUSH 2021 and beyond.
You need to know how to do business nationally, in every market across the country to survive and thrive. And the BEST way is to attend this event and learn how to grow and crush your business using brand, new time tested and proven strategies delivered by some of my most successful students and influencers that are REALLY doing deals in today's market!
A measure of success is how well you are able to impact the lives of others, and that's exactly why I've asked some of my closest friends, influencers and employees to finally reveal their secrets to you, so that you can live your life on your terms.
Now ALL of the hand selected speakers are ACTIVELY doing deals, lots of deals! 
After speaking with them, those that have produced the most spectacular results all have one thing in common. They all have completed the 4-Phases of Freedom...

The "4 Phases of Freedom" Is An Exact Blueprint Of How To Accelerate Your Journey From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be....

PHASE I: Discover “Specifically” How to Secure Your


We start the weekend with the most important, power packed session. You’ll finally fully understand and know why after 17 years I changed my entire business model and as a result, had the best year of my career in 2020! You'll discover the exact process that will transform you from confused, broke and scared to crystal clear clarity with superior confidence and extreme excitement knowing you’ll soon experience the thrill of getting your 1st monster check.

  • Discover  the ULTIMATE virtual wholesaling business model for Day Trading Houses Nationally.

  • Learn how to uncover the “Gold” in any market big or small. Lead generation will NEVER be an issue for you again AND competition, forget about it, there is none in these small markets across the United States. PLUS, you'll discover exactly what buyers are buying, where they are buying and what price they’re buying at. This is invaluable information to acquire and we show you exactly to how find this hidden information.

  • Discover a “unique super strategy” for selling ANY property in ANY city in 72 hours or less.

  • Swipe the “three unstoppable, magnetic marketing” secrets of a six figure a month virtual wholesaling GIANT!

  • Uncover the “cash flow surge” that will systematically sell your properties in lightening speed while maximizing profits. This one trick will double or triple your business overnight.

  • Plus discover the “specifics” on contract writing, how to legally protect yourself and get both the seller and buyer contracts signed with ease without ever meeting them in person!

  • We’ll also walk you through page by page, number by number, of an actual closing statement so when you come to closing day, you know exactly what to look for.

  • Here's the BEST part, you will learn how to cash HUGE checks without ever getting your credit checked or having to line up funding or even tapping into your bank account for down payments or large deposits.  99% of the transactions we closed used $100 earnest money deposit. 

PHASE II: Accumulate One Years Worth of Income

So You Have the OPTION to Quit Your JOB

  • Discover how to have consistent “multi-deal” months. You’ll want to pay close attention to how I talk about the 4 must have marketing channels that will deliver floods of consistent motivated seller leads NATIONALLY on auto-pilot.

  • You’ll receive this “cash-surging” spreadsheet that will almost predict your income in the coming months.

  • You’ll also learn how to scale your business on a budget so you may take full advantage of every cheap lead source imaginable

  • PLUS discover how the numbers work and what calculations you must know to ramp your business up from $0 to Six Figures in record time.

  • Finally, you'll learn how to do all this around your 9-5 JOB.  Time management is CRITICAL and using my "create time" method, you'll be able to be the BEST at your JOB (for the time being) and CRUSH this business!

PHASE III: Quitting Your JOB and Going Full Time…YEAH!

  • How to prioritize your day for maximum productivity and results.

  • What systems you need to have in place before you even think about quitting your JOB.

  • How to get 10X more deals with the exact same amount of leads using this very simple but powerful trick.

  • Discover a day in the life of a six figure a month real estate investor so you can understand how to “model” the same actions in your business.

PHASE IV: The Proven Roadmap to Predictably & Consistently Scale Your Wholesaling Operation to Six Figures a Month In No Time, and Discover How to Reinvest Your Excess Cash into Multi-Unit Apartments that Generate Six Figure ANNUAL Passive Cashflow

  • Use this battle tested number to scale your business and increase your profits exponentially every month (this could put you over the top)

  • Learn the “Science of a Multi-Channel” marketing campaign that will continuously deliver motivated sellers and cash buyers to your inbox 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Discover “hiring secrets” that will allow you to delegate the trivial stuff so you can focus on important stuff that really makes you money.

  • You’ll also discover how to get tons of “already signed purchase contracts” for FREE, brought right to your door step with NO marketing cost whatsoever.

  • Learn SPECIFICALLY how to turn your excess cash into SIX FIGURE passive cash flow by applying the next level strategy of Apartment Syndication

Gain an “Unfair Advantage“ Over ALL the Competition by

Applying the Secret “Triangle Effect”

In this session you’ll discover a very powerful but misunderstood method for attracting boatloads of money frequently and easily.


Here’s the deal, let's say you have two investors who have the exact same experience and live in the exact same market and both decide to do a direct mail campaign. 


They both use the same postcard and mail the exact same list at the exact same time.  Why is it EVERY time the investor that is applying the “Triangle Effect” consistently gets all the best leads and all the deals and the other investor is left empty handed?


I’ve seen this happen time and time again.  Don’t be the investor that is left empty handed. Learn the exact step-by-step process for fully using and applying the triangle effect in your business and life.

Randomly Selected One-on-One Coaching for Everyone to Benefit via the “Money Seat”

We’ll randomly select willing participates to come on the stage to share their frustrations and obstacles. Then Sean will Give Advice, Guidance and an Action Plan from Which Everyone can Benefit!

Here's What Our Guests Had To Say...

Here's What To Expect!

28 Jan

9.00 AM -5:00PM

Money Day

***VIP MEMBER ACCESS ONLY*** Money Day is a one day Mini Mastermind Event

with Sean Terry and special guests.

By Sean Terry - Founder of

6.00 PM

Extreme Freedom Mixer

All attendees are invited to join us for a Networking Mixer in Ray's lounge located in the hotel lobby.

By Sean Terry - Founder of

29 Jan

8:00AM - 9.00 AM


All attendees need to visit the registration table to receive their name tags & materials

By Sean Terry - Founder of

9.00 AM - 12:30PM

General Session 1

Sean and speakers will cover everything you need to know about real estate and more!

By Sean Terry - Founder of

12:30 PM- 2.00 PM


All attendees are dismissed and on their own for lunch except VIPs

2.00 PM - 6.00 PM

General Session 2

Sean and speakers will cover everything you need to know about real estate and more!

By Sean Terry - Founder of

7.00 PM

VIP Dinner

VIPs will join Sean and his team for dinner and a night on the town.

By Sean Terry - Founder of

30 Jan

9.00 AM - 12:30 PM

General Session 3

Sean and speakers will cover everything you need to know about real estate and more!

By Sean Terry - Founder of

12:30 PM - 2.00 PM


All attendees are dismissed and on their own for lunch except VIPs

2.00 PM - 6:00 PM

General Session 4

Sean and speakers will cover everything you need to know about real estate and more!

By Sean Terry - Founder of

31 Jan

9.00 AM - 1:00 PM

Implementation Session



We will be taking what you have learned over the last few days and you will work with my TEAM to do deals.  I will provide you leads, and working in small groups, you will have a BLAST by overcoming your fears by DOING!!!  This is by far the BEST way to finish the weekend with producing RESULTS.  

By Sean Terry - Founder of

Our Speakers



Sean currently owns and operates the largest wholesaling operation in Phoenix AZ producing roughly $80,000,000 in annual sales.


Real Estate Investor

Brandon Simmons, we call him Brandon the Man! He used to run my entire real estate operation as acting COO and now is a successful real estate investor who also runs Flip2Freedom's coaching program. Brandon loves helping out new wholesalers and we LOVE Brandon!


Want to Sell Now

Nick Perry is a STUD!

He has BLOWN up the virtual wholesaling space with his cutting edge team building tactics and tenacious attitude. He's a MUST see and you will regret missing this keynote.  


Hayden Hawk Investment Group

 Hunter is BRILLIANT!

He runs a successful wholesaling operation in Jacksonville, FL and is by far one of the smartest dudes I know in real estate PLUS co-founder of REI Automator with James Hawk and Sean Terry.



James  has bought and sold over 90 million dollars in residential and commercial real estate, and is the Co-Founder of REI Automator.


Real Estate Investor

Scott Oots is a technician and BALLER! He runs the MOST SUCCESSFUL wholesaling operation in Southern California and KILLS it!! His keynote will deliver SPECIFICS on exactly how to GET RESULTS!





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Sean Terry

After exiting the Marine Corp with an Honorable Discharge he bought his first apartment complex 28 years ago, at the age of 22; he then went on and started a successful sales and marketing company for six years, producing $5,000,000 annually in sales. Because of the success, the parent company employed Sean to travel the US to motivate and train company sales reps; on several occasions the seminars reached 1,000+ people.

Sean currently owns and operates one of the  largest virtual wholesaling operation based in Phoenix AZ producing roughly $80,000,000 in annual sales.  


He also owns and widely successful blog/podcast with over 13-million listeners in 196 different countries world wide that's turned into a real estate education company that will produce over $10 Million in annual revenue in 2021.


Sean with partners current owns 720+ student housing units across the country valued over $30 million dollars and produces $890,000 annually in free cashflow.  

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